My name is Nicolay, I heard of your clan on the IGN Siren Forum. From what i have read at this forum I understand that you know how to get on the Server you desire (creating and deleting), but this process can be difficult if the population on Siren is too high. The easiest way to choose a server is through a "World Pass".
But as you probably know they can only be acquired in-game. Your members apare to be good people and I belive the siren community would bennefit from your arival. Therefor I am offering to suply you with the number of "World Passes" you need.

If you need a "World Pass" or just have question about Siren/FF XI i will be happy to help ;)
You can contact me by posting on this Forum or by E-Mail: [email protected]

lvl 40 Dark Night
LS: United Races